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We understand that purchasing a converter isn’t easy, especially when you have a multitude of choices,

but at Dice, we set a different standard with our customers that other big name companies don’t offer.
We call this:


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Jeff Paradise is the owner/operator of Dice Performance Converters. Although Dice Performance Converters may be considered a newer name Jeff has been in the automotive performance industry for over 30 years. Chances are you have seen Jeff at the race track supporting his race converters and the racers. That is the personal relationship he strives to achieve with every customer. At Dice we believe all of our customers are important and deserve personal attention. It is because of our years in the industry that we know customers are more than just a number. If you are tired of dealing with big companies that lose interest in you after the point-of-sale, then Dice Performance Converters is the company for you and we welcome your business. We manufacture a series of race converters for a wide variety of racing classes and applications. We proudly offer precision manufactured competition converters, race converters and performance street converters with parts made and assembled in the USA, for the enthusiast that expects the highest level of quality. Most importantly, we understand that time is money and we believe that every job should be done once and done right. We work with our customers to get them the correct converter the first time, rather than sell them a prebuilt converter in a box. We do exactly what we say and we’ll continue to turn ” Faster Into Faster”.

Step 1 in getting your new custom High performance converter is completing our specsheet.

This is how we build your converter to match your car and needs.


Pro Mod Series
Competition Series
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“Dice Converters background and experience with all forms of racing torque converters is second to none. Jeff’s track side service and tech is how manufacturers used to treat their customers. It’s a refreshing change from a company that truly make race cars work. Big Mac Racing – Team Tuna Tank rely on Dice for all our racing converter needs!”

Kevin MCclelland

“Dice Performance Converters succeeded in performance and consistency. They also lead in their hands on customer relations. I can’t say enough about Jeff Paradise and his devotion to something so very important to us racers. If you’re not rolling with Dice by now, you are behind!”

Phil Mandella Jr.