Gary Szabo

“I have a 4000 pound car with a tired twenty-seven-year-old engine that hasn’t run in the sevens in over two years. Thanks to Jeff Paradise and Dice Converters I have run my best time ever in the car. I cannot say it enough about the service I received from Jeff. Thank you very much!”

Joe Henchey

“Dice Converters customer service is second to none. Jeff supports all the racers who use his converters. He doesn’t try to “over sell” and builds a quality product. I know I’ll be getting my next converter from Dice Performance Converters.”

Val Miller

“It was a great weekend, the car was so consistent it ran 3- 8.60 passes out of 8 runs thanks to the Dice Converter. Because of your product we are now the 2018 B/Gas Hot Rod Reunion Champs!”

Fernando Verduzco

“What an awesome converter that Dice has built for us, very consistent something we had never achieved. We run a tall deck 505 cid. Chevy and launch this bad boy at 5800 RPM with a dose of nitrous. We are very happy customers! No nitrous the last race in the 1/8 mile 5.75 ,5.77,5,78 5,75 that’s never happened before until Jeff did his magic. Thank you again!”

Phil Mandella Jr.

“Dice Performance Converters succeeded in performance and consistency. They also lead in their hands on customer relations. I can’t say enough about Jeff Paradise and his devotion to something so very important to us racers. If you’re not rolling with Dice by now, you are behind!”

Kevin MCclelland

“Dice Converters background and experience with all forms of racing torque converters is second to none. Jeff’s track side service and tech is how manufacturers used to treat their customers. It’s a refreshing change from a company that truly make race cars work. Big Mac Racing – Team Tuna Tank rely on Dice for all our racing converter needs!”

Steve Cox

“Dice Converters, Jeff Paradise, has made a name of himself in the converter business and his company has numerous racers winning with his product. He offers a quality converter, awesome customer service, and a great supporter of our So Cal .5 Pro Liter Series!Think Dice Converters when its time for an Upgrade!”

Mike Van Horn

“We were having trouble getting a consistent launch, 60 foot times and overall ET in our new combination for our Cutty. We called up Dice Converters he came out to the track , watched it run. We gave him the information he wanted and he built us a converter and WOW!!! The Cutty was running the number within .005 60 foot and .02 quarter mile. We are loving this new Converter. Btw, first race with it, got the WIN!!! Thanks Dice Converters.”

Noel Cuevas

“Best converter I have used in 15 years of racing. Highly recommend!”

Trevor Hayes

“My dice converter hits hard and allows me to have a consistent reaction time and race car each and every pass.”

Charles Velehradsky

“Dice Converters is amazing. Jeff met me at my local track and took my converter in for a rebuild. What a difference it made. Mind you it’s a 4500 stall that I drive on the street, and it works flawlessly as a cruiser and is a complete monster under full throttle. I recommend Dice Converters.”

AJ Thomas

“Dice converters has championship quality and friendly service. Dice will put you in the winner’s circle like they did for me. Urban Menace Racing only runs the best which is why we choose Dice Converters.”

Bernard Mondello

“Dice Performance Converters Made In USA, They take GREAT care of our customers, and that makes us look good! We’ve always surrounded ourselves with the best in the business for OUR continued success and Dice Performance Converters is no exception… Bernard Mondello, Bernard Mondello Racing Enterprises, Corona, California. 951-371-1432”

Rich Wood

“Jeff rebuilt my old converter and in his words the only thing that’s not junk on my converter was the paint on the outside . When he sent the converter back he said it will get you through the race and would hit real hard . Well it did car left in air and 70 passes later I’m now installing my second Dice Converter set up for my car . For someone who answers the phone when you call and does what he says he is going to do then you want Jeff and a dice converter”

Kevin Pope

“Dice Converters did exactly what Jeff said it would, and now I’m the fastest in class anymore. Small block chasing big blocks, I couldn’t keep a secret. Thank you Man”

Chris Randolph

“My car went from a very inconsistent car to a car that runs very consistent passes no matter changes in the weather or track conditions. Only change made was putting a Dice Billet Converter in it. True craftsmanship and great customer service on and off the track!”

Gary Pflug

“Every race team is looking for an edge DICE converters is where we found ours! Most race teams don’t think CONVERTER when trying to improve the car. That’s a mistake! Our DICE converter gave us a better launch and’ better reaction and run times.” Thanks Jeff “Nines” Crew Chief Wood Racing

Derek Gurney

“For the last 3 years I’ve been drag racing time after time I see cars running Dice Converters Irwindale, Fontana, Barona, all across California.. Jeff try’s his best to be there for his clients or as I would say friends. PS He will get his hands dirty at the track & personally call you to help you out .”

Kaitlyn Panis

“Jeff’s Dice Converters really repeat. As a driver, it gives me a lot of confidence knowing that the car’s going to be consistent, even if the track goes away!”

Charlie Allen

“So my car is leavin’ like a big slug, yuk !! I sat down with the Dice Man, told him this is what I have and this is what I want. Jeff made a custom converter that was EXACTLY what I ordered. Reaction times and ET’s became very consistent and I won not one but two track championships in one season !! Happy camper here !! ”

Henry Thomae

I have been running a converter from the “other guys” for over 10 years. I must say, as soon as I switched to Dice Converters my 60′ picked up my ET picked up and consistency is second to none. I highly recommend Dice Converters, whether running turbo, nitrous blower Dice will get you spot on!

Brent Cannon

“Probably the best in the industry…Turning fast into faster! That is what you can expect from Dice!”

Michael Nitz

“Had been struggling for several years to get my NE-2 altered to run the # after trans case failure, update the trans and went to Dice Converter car picked up and now runs the # easily have to slow it down thanks Dice Converters.”

Brian Henley

“Dice Converter’s, Buy it, Run it, Win…”

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